How well do you engage your audience?

Accessing target audiences is growing more difficult for brands, despite the increased number of methods for reaching people. In order to effectively and genuinely communicate with and engage your audience, focus on content and methods that work both for and with your target. Take the time to ask: Who is our audience? If you understand…

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5 More Reasons to Invest in Professional Copywriting

Photo by Trent Erwin on Unsplash

Copywriting is more than correct grammar and pretty words 1. You get what you pay for (You receive that for which you pay – if we’re being grammatically correct) While higher prices don’t always correlate to higher quality, in the world of copywriting, content creation, and marketing and sales writing, they do. Consider the arithmetic:…

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Read our latest on website copywriting over at EfinityTech!

woman in blazer types on macbook

“5 Reasons Your Website Copywriter Shouldn’t Be the Cheapest Option”   We paired up with EfinityTech for this great article on website copywriting! We’re happy to announce a new relationship with local Seattle area website development firm, EfinityTech. We love WordPress, and so do many of our clients! But, sometimes a business needs more out…

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Cars & Couture Fashion Show – Join us on July 22!

Cars and Couture Fashion Show produced by Fashion NW

July 22: Cars & Couture Fashion Show We need to brag about our sponsorship with this incredible Tacoma event! We are so excited to announce that we are partnering with Fashion District NW and sponsoring their upcoming fashion show Cars & Couture! If you’re in the Tacoma area, join us on July 22 at LeMay…

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So You Started a Business – Now what?

Man runs fingers through hair in frustration

What happens after you start your business? What comes next? This is a topic I feel I can speak on with some authority – I’ve been in your shoes! Whether you started an Etsy store for those cool whats-its you make, or incorporated a services or products-based business, the next steps can be scary and…

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So you bought a URL…now what?

Mackbook showing Google homepage

It seems like everyone owns a website today. Nearly every domain host includes a free drag-and-drop style website builder, so anyone can design a website. This doesn’t mean that everyone is an expert, however, at filling the elements of those websites. That’s where a marketing and communications consultant like BJG Consulting comes in. The best…

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