Let’s Talk about Values-Based Marketing

Values-Based Marketing: What, Why, and How Your B2B or B2C Business Should Lean into Values-Based Marketing

What is Values-Based Marketing? Whether a company is selling products or services, values-based marketing is appealing to a customer’s values and ethics. Rather than marketing from a product-centric (or service-centric) approach, values-based marketing is customer-centric. A values-based marketing approach builds advertising and promotions to customers based on a company’s core brand values and message. Why…

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2020 Seattle and Socially-Distant Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays will be…different in 2020. Many of us who might normally travel to see family and friends will be staying local, but that doesn’t mean we can’t send thoughtful gifts and express our love from six feet apart. We’ve updated and expanded our holiday gift giving guide to help you find the right present…

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Webinar Series: COVID-19 relief, resources and requirements for Washington small businesses by WA SBLT

Webinar series panelists review COVID-19 related relief, resources and requirements for small businesses specific to Washington

Webinar series panelists review COVID-19 related relief, resources and requirements for small businesses specific to Washington The Small Business Liaison Team from the Department of Employment Security, Labor & Industries, Revenue, Health, Enterprise Services and Governor’s Office of Regulatory Innovation and Assistance is hosting a Webinar Series!    Phew! We know that’s a mouthful. COVID-19…

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The Greater Seattle Area, Eastside and Beyond 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

BJG Consulting's Greater Seattle Area, Eastside and Beyond 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for People Who Suck at Giving Gifts

Whether you’re terrible at selecting and giving gifts, lazy, or simply want to give great gifts this year, the options on this list are all winners! Seattle Gift certificate for spa services at LoLo Spa and Events in Ballard Gift certificate for KickIt Boutique in Ballard (or to order direct online) Gift certificate for The Escape Artist in Sodo…

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How Well Do You Know Your Competition?

If you're losing customers to a competitor, you need to know what they're doing differently than you. BJG Consulting can help with competitive analysis.

Do you know who your top competitors are? The other businesses who currently serve your customers, who want to serve your customers, or from whom you’re wooing customers? If you don’t know who your competition is, you’re missing a large piece of key marketing intelligence. Who is your competition? First, you need to identify the…

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