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“5 Reasons Your Website Copywriter Shouldn’t Be the Cheapest Option”


We paired up with EfinityTech for this great article on website copywriting!

efinitytech logoWe’re happy to announce a new relationship with local Seattle area website development firm, EfinityTech. We love WordPress, and so do many of our clients! But, sometimes a business needs more out of their website than WordPress can offer. EfinityTech is an outstanding solution to custom website development needs – including a robust proprietary content management platform – and so much more!

BJG Consulting was featured in EfinityTech’s June newsletter for our website copywriting services. Both we and EfinityTech understand that many businesses take the cheap and dirty woman in blazer types on macbookroute to website content – and often pay the consequences. Whether the result is poor copy, an SEO black hole, or constant delays, choosing the right copywriter for your website and web content is crucial. Why would you entrust your business’ first impression to someone who isn’t committed to delivering the best content possible – on schedule? The risk outweighs the savings in the long run.

Head over to to learn more about them, and to read our article. (Keep an eye out here for “5 More Reasons to Invest in Your Website Copywriter”!)

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