Introducing: My Marketing University

We're excited to announce the launch of a project we've been working on for a while now: My Marketing University!

My Marketing University
This new platform offers paid Marketing CoachingWorkshops, and (soon!) marketing courses, ebooks, tools, and templates.

My Marketing University (MMU) also has FREE Resources to support business owners, businesses, and marketing professionals.

You're invited to join:

A Little More about My Marketing University

My Marketing University. Learn. Understand. Implement. Grow.

My Marketing University™ is the result of years of watching businesses struggle to manage and succeed in their marketing programs. We’ve watched (and been) freelancers struggle to generate positive results for clients who didn’t understand the basics of marketing. We’ve watched businesses make costly mistakes as a result of misplaced trust and naiveté.

My Marketing University exists because we believe there is a better way for businesses of all sizes to manage their marketing–and it starts with taking ownership. The concepts of Ownership and Values-Based Marketing are at the core of everything we do at MMU.

Workshop: How to Own Your Marketing

Most businesses outsource at least part of their marketing, but you should still own your marketing program. Do you own yours?

This interactive workshop will cover the high-level categories your business should know how to access, as well as include an AMA (ask me anything) with Dr. Grantham so you have a chance to ask about concerns specific to your business--no matter the size or stage of your business.

Workshop: Do you own your marketing? for Business Owners with Dr. Brianna Grantham 10/21

What Will Happen:

  • Learn: How to gain ownership and control of your marketing
  • Understand: How to identify what you do and don't own
  • Implement: Get direct input on your marketing and questions
  • Overview of systems, categories, and marketing pieces your business likely has and how to determine if you own them.
  • Hands-on review: Use the Do You Own Your Marketing? checklist

What You Get:

  • Own Your Marketing Checklist
  • Direct input on your marketing program and questions
  • Expert guidance: how to identify what you do and don't own
  • Own Your Marketing: Guide ebook included*!

When: Thursday, October 21, 2021 from 11am - 12:30pm PT (2 - 3:30pm ET)

Registration: $149 (ask about discounts for multiple seats!).