The evolution of social media and rise of review sites have placed the power firmly in the hands of the consumer—and that dynamic won't change anytime soon.

What does this mean for you and your business? This means your marketing strategy needs to include more than tactics for selling your services or products. Your marketing strategy needs to be flexible, personable, and relevant to consumers and businesses who expect immediate responses and whose options for purchasing are limitless. Not only does your business or product need to differentiate itself in terms of value and quality, but it must also appeal on a personal and emotional level.

What Does A Marketing Consultant Do?

A marketing consultant provides an outside voice and perspective, even for companies with internal marketing staff. We consider the complete picture: your target clientele, current sales program, existing marketing efforts, budget, growth goals, and resources. We work with you to develop a coherent marketing strategy to address how to reach your customers, then create a plan to detail how that strategy looks in the real world.

At BJG Consulting, we like to say we identify and bridge gaps for our clients. Sometimes those gaps are in the resources available within a business, and sometimes they are gaps in knowledge or vision. Often, the gap falls between business growth goals and the current growth trajectory. First, we identify the gap, then we work with you to develop the roadmap to bridge the gap and move toward your company’s goals.

BJG Consulting believes in supporting the unique needs of each individual client. This is the reason we work exclusively with vetted partners and subcontractors. We source and build the perfect support team for each client, rather than sharing one single creative team among all of our clients. With BJG Consulting, you not only have a say in your specialists, but you can also rest easy that your success is their priority. We consider budget, personality, aesthetic, timeline, and working style in order to match each client with their best fit graphic designer or creative director, website designer, advertising specialist, social media strategist, SEO strategist, videographer, photographer, printer, CRM specialist…based on each client’s needs.

How We Work with Our Clients

While we do work with many clients on an on-going retainer basis, BJG Consulting also provides on-site consulting, coaching sessions, and workshops, as well as working on individual projects and campaigns. We offer retainer packages based on client needs, and customized rates for projects. Our retainer clients benefit from ongoing support, strategy, and consulting, as well as marketing support services like copywriting, copyediting, campaign design and management, and project management overseeing in-house or third-party specialists.

One example of a client project is the pre-event campaign to drive foot traffic through vanderBeken Remodel’s two showcase homes on the 2017 Seattle Remodeled Homes Tour. This project included a targeted, three-week organic social media campaign focused on Facebook, email campaign, and copywriting for a direct mail postcard designed by Brainstorms Collective.

We also consulted with Fashion District Northwest to promote and manage pre-event marketing for their 2017 Cars and Couture Fashion Show. As part of our work with Fashion District NW, we consulted on their event sponsorship program and developed templates and scripts for approaching potential sponsors.

What Marketing Consulting Looks Like with BJG Consulting

  • Inclusive Marketing Strategy: Print, Digital, Social Media, Paid, Earned, and Organic Marketing
  • Client Testimonial and Case Study Development
  • Marketing Analytics and Metrics
  • Social Media Policy Drafting
  • Customer-Oriented Social Media Strategy
  • Marketing Plans
  • Digital and Social Advertising
  • Lead Capture & Nurture
  • White Papers and Case Studies
  • Communication & PR Strategy
  • Social Media Training & Best Practices
  • Business Communications Training

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