How well do you engage your audience?

Accessing target audiences is growing more difficult for brands, despite the increased number of methods for reaching people. In order to effectively and genuinely communicate with and engage your audience, focus on content and methods that work both for and with your target.

Interact and Engage with your audience to work with AND for them infographicTake the time to ask:

Who is our audience?

If you understand where your audience spends time, what is important to them, and what is valuable enough for them to spend their precious time on it, you can start to create effective engagement.

Why should our audience care about us?

Every brand, product, and company is vying for the attention of consumers and businesses online – what makes your brand more important to your audience than the other dozen, hundred, or thousand? If you focus on the value your brand and business can bring to your audience, instead of the value they bring to you, you greatly increase the chances your audience will choose to spend their time with your brand.

Focus on Dialogue over Impressions or Likes/Reactions.

Not only do some platforms now weigh actual conversation more highly than other content, but your audience wants to engage in genuine interactions with your brand. A cute photo or funny meme will gain Likes, but they’re ultimately ineffective at creating a lasting impression or relationship with your audience. Share valuable information, teach, ask questions designed to provoke discussion – and stand out from the brands vying for your audience.

Cultivate Relationships.

Relationships take time to build. The only sure-fire way to create long-term engagement with your audience is to value their time and input, listen to their needs, and place giving over getting. Build trust and play the long game – your audience will thank you for it, and your business will grow as a result.