So you bought a URL…now what?

Mackbook showing Google homepage

It seems like everyone owns a website today. Nearly every domain host includes a free drag-and-drop style website builder, so anyone can design a website. This doesn’t mean that everyone is an expert, however, at filling the elements of those websites. That’s where a marketing and communications consultant like BJG Consulting comes in.

The best websites–and by best, we mean most effective–have strong SEO. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization. SEO means that your website actually shows up in major search engine results, such as Google or Bing. It’s just good marketing sense that people can find you via a Google search, as well as through your URL.

But how do you achieve SEO? Well, you could spend hours reading blogs, how-to’s, and books on what do to to maximize your SEO. Or, you could hire a consultant who specializes in SEO. Key words play a big role in SEO, but so does the overall content of your site. SEO is not something to take lightly, or to leave to chance.

A client who owns a boat charter business recently approached us to create the content for a new section of their website. Their site already includes great photos, pricing, boating packages and details of trip options. So what do they want to add? They want to include a blog and information about the other local sights and entertainment. Why? The answer is simple: traffic.

To drive more traffic to their site, our clients realized they need to include content that will draw more visitors than just the ones already interested in chartering a boat. If they can attract tourists who haven’t considered boating as part of their vacation, they have opened up a market of potential new clients.

This is why SEO, website content, and a strong marketing plan are essential for effective online marketing. So, if you have a great domain name, but are stuck with place holders on your website, we are here for you! Even if you already have a website built, we can make it more effective and productive for you. Send us a query today and see what we can do for you.

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